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Keach barn (now burnt),
Charlemont Road, Buckland, Mass.

Oil on Canvas

Barn Interior

Barns, Keach Farm

36 X 42

Littlecote Gallery, Utica, NY, 1929
Myles Standish Galleries, 1929
Deerfield Inn, 1931 & '33
Mt. Holyoke Coll. Dwight Hall, 1931
Amherst Coll. Jones Library, 1932
Williston Academy, 1932
Macbeth Galleries (NYC), 1933
Mass. State College, 1938
Myles Standish Hotel, 1944

Mrs. W. Scott Fitz (daughter-in-law
of Oliver Wendell Holmes)



The Keach residence was a favorite subject of Woodward, having painted many of paintings.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Prior to 1925. The inside of Herbert Keach's barn (now burnt). A 27 x 30 of the same subject was made before my Redgate fire"1922--- in which it was burnt. After the fire I went to the barn and made this 36 x 42. Exhibited it largely, till finally it was bought from my exhibition at Mrs. Lyman's house, Beacon St., Boston, by Mrs. W. Scott Fitz (daughter-in-law of Oliver Wendell Holmes). Upon her death it went to relatives, a Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hopkins of Dover, Mass. who now own it. I later made a 27 x 30 of this same subject titled New Hay."

Additional Notes

Myles Standish May 1929
Clipping for Myles Standish Exhibition 1929

Exhibited at the Littlecote Gallery, Utica, NY March 14, 1929 and meantioned specifically in the articles to the right.

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