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March 14, 1926

First Bank Building
Elizabeth & Genesee Streets
Utica, NY

Number of Pieces: 10
10 - Oils


Annual Exhibition


Both Stark New England and Steaming Sugar House paintings are from the Keach Farm.

Promotional Item

Exhibition: Annual Spring Exhibition
Sponser: Littlecote Gallery

Littlecote Article March 14, 1929
Clipping of the article reviewing the Spring Exhibit

There is not a lot known about the Littlecote Gallery. What we were able to find out is that it held an annual "Spring Exhibition" hosting numerous popular artist of their time, such as, Kent Rockwell's papers noting his attendance over a number of years.

We also found references to a book the gallery published detailing the annual exhibition from the years 1930 through 1991. We could not find any more information as to whether it still exist or what caused it's demise.

We also could not connect it's name to a specific person and believe the name may have derived from the famous english estate, famous for it's "Long Gallery."

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Buckland Town Farm
A postcard of the Woolworth Building with the
First Bank Building to it's right on the corner.
Buckland Town Farm
The same street today, the Woolworth Building
is now part of Utica College.

Exhibitied Artwork