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Oil on Canvas







Exhibited at 2 large exhibitions. The J. H. Miller Co. Galleries (1928) and Littlecote Gallery (1929).

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RSW's Diary Comments

Summer Shadows
This chalk drawing, Summer Shadows is
believed to be "The Manse" in Heath (MA) Center

From RSW's Ledger Notes:

"Mrs. Moors' yard in Heath."

Mrs. Ethal Paine Moors, a descendent of signer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Paine, and her financier, banker, broker, husband John Farwell Moors, owned a home in Heath, MA, referred to as The Manse. It was their summer home.

Mrs. Moors were good friends with the White sisters, Flora and Mary, as well as, sisters Winfred and Edith Rhoades. All of which were friends of Woodward. In fact, the White sisters often accompanied RSW on his painting excursions to picnic and spend the day with him.

Additional Notes

J.H. Miller Article April, 1928
Clipping of the article reviewing the
J.H. Miller Galleries Exhibition

Right: Springfield Union, April 1928, by Jeanette Matthews

"....here is a woven pattern of colors on the hills of such beauty as most of us never get in full until it is set down for us to dream about. And it is rarely set down in this manner. You must see the lacelike delicacy of this web of color to carry a new joy into your hill-climbing this summer."

Springfield Daily Republican, Springfield, MA., Sat. April 28, 1928

"...a view of opalescent hills beyond a lone ancient oak."

Myles Standish May 1929
Clipping for Myles Standish Exhibition 1929

According to the diary comment by RSW, this painting was from the backyard of Mrs. Moor in Heath. Woodward would later buy a property and build a studio in Heath and painting multiple landscapes featuring a wind blown Beech Tree and the hills in the distance.

Exhibited at the Littlecote Gallery, Utica, NY March 14, 1929 and mentioned specifically in the articles to the left.

Exhibited at the J. H. Miller Co. Galleries, Springfield, Mass. April 21- May 8, 1928

Above the Valley is one of 5 pieces of work to exhibit at both J. H. Miller Co. Galleries, and Littlecote Gallery,.

Above the Valley is one of 14 pieces of work to exhibit at both J. H. Miller Co. Galleries, and Lyman Exhibition,.