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Time Period:
1937 - '38

Buckland Center, MA

Oil on Canvas



25 x 30

Westfield Athenaeum, 1938
Southern Vermont AA, 1938
Home of Mr. & Mrs. Roger Smith, '44




This painting has been mistakenly link to A Winter Day.

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Additional Notes

A Winter Day
A Winter Day, 1939, 25 x 30. Painted in the
studio from the 1918 Snow on the Mountain (30 x 40).

Page Corrigendum:

We are unsure how it occurred but for years this painting was mistakenly linked to the painting A Winter Day. It was previously published that Winter Farms was the 30" x 40" 1918 painting Woodward made A Winter Day from. This is incorrect. Records show that this painting exhibited twice in 1938, and once again at the special exhibition held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Roger Smith in 1944. Also, all the exhibition records list the painting as a 25" x 30".

We had to go all the way to the earliest pages of the website made by Dr. Mark prior to 2005 to learn that the painting linked to A Winter Day is actually named Snow on the Mountain.

★★★ This, however, does not diminish this painting by any means. Considering where it exhibited in 1938 - the Westfield Athenaeum and the SVAA - seemingly to disappear for 6 years and then reappear at the Smith house in Gardner, MA, organized by Woodward's close friend F. Earl Williams indicates the painting was well liked by Woodward, perhaps what we call an editorial piece. Our reasoning is as follows, of the 12 paintings that hung in the home, 8 of them had already been purchased by some of Woodward's best customers, all of them are closely aligned with what Woodward considered his "brand" as well as being well traveled and exhibited paintings, and finally, all of the pictures we have of the show were taken by Williams himself.

Unfortunatrely, and this cannot be explained either, we only have picture of 10 of the 12 paintings! They were photographed in pairs of two and we only have five images. This painting, Winter Farms, and Mountain Meadows are missing and for which we have no pictures.



The 1944 Mr. & Mrs. Roger Smith Exhibition:

Winter Song and A Mountain Farm hanging
Winter Song and The Big Chimney* hanging
in the home of Roger Smith for a private exhibition

To the right: is a photograph of A Winter Song* and The Big Chimney* hanging on the wall for a private exhibition in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Roger Smith of Gardner, MA, December, 1944. The picture was taken by Woodward friend, educator, and amateur photographer F. Earl Williams. Williams was once the principal of Gardner High School and so we believe he had something to do with arranging this rare exhibition of Woodward's paintings in a private residence. The three missing photographs are New England Impressions*, Winter Farms, and From the North Window*. The paintings photographed are as follows in pairs: April Sun and Frost on the Window, Portrait of a Shadow and From a Mountain Farm, there is the chalk drawing The Road Home, the oil A Winter Afternoon and other chalk Mountain Meadow together and then Tranquility, and The Little Red Barn* as singles.

And what an exhibition! Worthy of any New York or Boston Gallery, it featured a number of Woodward's most exhibited editorial paintings going back as far as 1935 [noted by an asterisk*] Two of the paintings hanging at the exhibit, A Winter Song and New England Impression previously hung at the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco and the 1939 New York World's Fair respectively.