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Time Period:

Village Hill Road
Williamsburg, Mass.

Oil on Canvas



25 X 30

"largely exhibited with acclaim"




"One of my favorite and very “special” canvases (to my mind)" RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

“1938. A second painting of the rare old house over in Williamsburg, the same house as At Lilac Time only front view. Very huge old chimney, big maple in bloom at back. Figure of old man in front yard, approaching the house. One of my favorite and very “special” canvases (to my mind), largely exhibited with acclaim about the country but never purchased until in 1944, when it was bought by Mr. and Mrs. *********************Greenfield, Mass."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

“Sold July 27. This is really the end of the photograph of ************ picture but is a duplicate , in general, of THE BIG CHIMNEY when cut off in this way. Found I didn’t have a glossy print of THE BIG CHIMNEY but thought this would do to jog your memory. Delicate blue sky with white clouds, pale yellow spring maples, weather-beaten old house with faded white ell, huge sunlit orange-red chimney. $450.”

Additional Notes

North Adams newspaper clipping with
The Big Chimney.

An old house owned by Mr. Loomer, was built in 1795 and still exists on Village Hill Road in Williamsburg, Mass.

This painting is privately owned.

This same house appears in The End of the Road and At Lilac Time.

To see a sketch of the same house from a different vantage point Click Here

To the left, at the bottom of the clipping, the caption reads, "Joseph Luczynski and Roy Peebles, members of the Berkshire Business Men's Art League shown last night at opening of annual showing of paintings of club members at North Adam's public library. Painting shown is "The Big Chimney" by guest-artist Robert Strong Woodward of Shelburne Falls.

Below: A closer look at the old man in the painting, the well and addition to the house.