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Time Period:
1937 - '38

Old Deerfield, MA

Oil on Canvas



28 X 40, Upright

Manchester, VT

Mr. and Mrs. P.H.B Frelinghuysen



One several paintings purchased in Manchester by new Jersey politician P.H.B Frelinghuysen.

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RSW's Diary Comments

The Three Chimneys, 1939
A chalk drawing of the same subject.

A tall upright canvas of special dimensions of which I am not quite sure. Tall young elm in background of Mrs Gertrude Smith's very old house showing with many chimneys, back of and to right of the center elm. Painted especially for a client of Harold Grieves in California. Sent out there, supposedly sold. But the people for some reason didn't buy it. Soon after, it came back (I think in 1938) It was purchased in Manchester, VT by Mr. and Mrs. P.H.B Frelinghuysen of Morristown, New Jersey.

Comment on a sepia print:

"Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Whitehouse, 340 Park Ave. New York."

Additional Notes

Mrs Adaline Frelinghuysen as a student
at Bryn Mahr College- the only photo we have.

As of June 2024, we know that Mrs Adaline Havemeyer Frelinghuysen had purchased over 30 paintings from Woodward spanning a 21 year period of time. Most of those paintings were pastels, her favorite, most likely due to her mother's friendship with artist Mary Cassatt who once made portraits of her, her sisters, and mother in pastel when she was a child. Adaline's sister Electra Havemeyer Webb is the founder of the Shelburne (VT) Museum and her father was sugar magnet Henery Osbourne Havemeyer. The Family's famed art collection is one of the crown jewels of the Metropolitan MFA in New York City. Adaline is also the mother of a Senator and grandmother of a Congressman, both of New Jersey. Below is just a few of her oil paintings...