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Time Period:
Painted in about 1938.

Mary Lyon Church
Buckland Center

Oil on Canvas



25 x 30


Mr. F. B. Frelinghuysen



Originally made for his dear friend Emmet Hays Naylor but didn't fit the space it was intended. RSW painted a new piece (Heart of New England) fitting the desired dimensions (22 x 42) and sold this piece later.See the Diary Comments for more information.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in about 1938. Painting of the Buckland church made from the road in front of Trow's. Chosen by Emmett Naylor and hung over his fireplace in Cummington, but as I felt it too small for the place I made a 22 x 42 of the same subject, the next season, which Emmett installed just before his death; then this 25 x 30 was bought by Mr. P.H.B. Frelinghuysen of Manchester, Vt. and Morristown, N. J."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"Tree branches as frame"

The follow diary excerpt is from Heart of New England:

"Painted in 1939. A larger painting of the Mary Lyon Church in Buckland, made for the home of my dearest friend Emmet Hays Naylor in Cummington to take the place of the 25 x 30 of the same subject (later bought by Mr. F. B. Frelinghuysen) which Emmett had chosen but which was not the right proportion for the space. He had it but a few weeks when he died. My first view of it was at his funeral. After his death it was given back to me by the family. I sent it to the Grand Central Art Galleries, who sold it to Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Howard, Arlington, New Jersey."

Additional Notes

This piece was recently (Oct. 2013) put to auction by Bonham's New York Gallery, where they put an estimated value of $3,000 to $5,000.

It is believed this piece is the original 25 x 30 painting painted for Emmet Hays Naylor but was later replaced by the larger Heart of New England (22 x 42) because the proportions were not right for the space over the fireplace. Going to Church was then sold to Mr. F. B. Frelinghuysen.

As of November 2013, we know that Mr. F. B. Frelinghuysen had purchased 9 other Woodward paintings and 2 chalks, they are as follows: