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Time Period:
Painted 1945.

Heath village but with added
trees and stone wall.

Oil on Canvas



20 x 40


Comissioned but not purchased.



The left third of this painting was a composite from an earlier piece Falling Gold

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted 1945. A flat long horizontal canvas, largely composed in the studio where it was painted. I took my painting (24 x 36) of Heath Village (made the same year, together with a chalk drawing of the same subject) as a basis but added to the left a mass of yellow foliaged maples running along a stone wall (made from the photograph of an earlier painting Falling Gold), the tree part taking up about 1/3 of the canvas."

Additional Notes

Editor's Note

Not mentioned in the artist's notes but known to this writer is the fact that this painting was commissioned to be painted in this manner (with added trees and stone wall) and then subsequently that person did not like it and would not purchase it.........much to RSW's consternation.

The artist used the trees he had painted on the left side Falling Gold and the right side of Heath Village to create this artwork.

A side by side comparison of the trees of Falling Gold and Village Street
Below: Heath Village makes up the right side of the of the painting.
Village Street and Falling Gold side by side comparison
Heath Village makes up the right side of the of the painting.

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