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Time Period:
Prior to 1930


Chalk Drawing


Trees, Rocks & Stone Walls
Burning Autumn

22.5 x 29.5 (Size of all chalks)





There are two chalk drawings with the same name. The other was owned by RSW friend Clifford Richmond.

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Back of the frame: price, artist & title
Back of the frame: price, artist & title

It was not uncommon for RSW to re-use a name for a piece of work. Sometimes it was simply a matter of him not remembering he had already used it and other times, it was simply that the two pieces were made years apart and unrelated. This may be the case with the name October Parade. We believe the two October Parades were made nearly 20 years apart. The drawing above has features common with his early drawings, particularly how it was framed, without visible matting, glass raised high above the work, and showing the heavy hand-drawn border.

Also, the price on the back of the frame ($100) is less than his most common asking price of $125.

Chinese Parade Dragon
Chinese Parade Dragon

Upon first seeing this beautiful drawing, my initial thought was "Chinese Parade Dragon" in the sweep of the red leaves across the piece. RSW was a huge admirer of Far Eastern Art and Culture. His studio holds numerous books on the subject. He once remarked in a letter about his fasination with eastern art but lamented that he would probably have to the religion for a full appreciation. I believe this is what he may have been thinking when naming this piece.


Radiogram image

The other October Parade #2 was reportedly owned by RSW friend, Clifford Richmond, who produced a monthly radio program. In July of 1934, shortly after RSW's second studio fire (Hiram), Richmond featured his friend in the broadcast.

We cannot thank the current owner enough for bringing this beautiful chalk drawing to our attention