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Time Period:
Painted Oct. 1943.

Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas



25 X 30


Miss Bertha Temple



"Very popular canvas among friends and visitors while I had it, which was only a few weeks" RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted Oct. 1943. A painting of village maples in full autumn color, showing the white Buckland church at the end of a sagging road tucked in the trees. From this painting I made a chalk drawing. Painting taken down to Kendricks and Clapps in S.F. in late November for a weekend for them to see and while there it was bought by Miss Bertha Temple of Torrington, Connecticut, and taken to her home. Very popular canvas among friends and visitors while I had it, which was only a few weeks."

Additional Notes

The following quote is from a letter RSW wrote to F. Earl Williams regarding October in Buckland:

Full image of inside jacket with self-styled calligraphy
The road today with the Mary Lyon Church

"Friday I left at the village the chalk of the autumn trees and Buckland Church for Cousin Martha's sister to see. A Miss Temple of Connecticut is visiting there. Last evening Miss T. phoned and asked if I would leave the painting there for her to see also-- (which she understood I had) as she was very interested. Today I went to Springfield (taking Lena and Mrs. Schick) on errands and left the painting at Kendricks-- where Miss Temple is staying-- just for the day--ie. left; the painting for the day. Miss T leaves for Connecticut tomorrow. On reaching home 1/2 hour ago -- Miss T. phones that she is buying the painting instead of the drawing and wants my man down there in the morning to pack it in her car! Quick work? I've not even had the painting photographed yet, alas!. That makes 5 paintings and two chalk drawings in November! I feel intoxicated."

The picture to right (above) shows the road today. As you can see, many of the trees that comprise the featured beauty of the composition did not survive time and are now gone.

Painting is now in Alabama.

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