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Time Period:
Painted 1919.

Crittenden Road

Oil on Canvas


Trees, Landscapes & Views

36 X 42

Mr. John T. Spaulding



The original 27 x 30 burned in the Redgate fire.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in summer of 1919. A beautiful painting of detail of laurel and bloom overhung by a wild cherry branch, against dark background. I painted a 27 x 30 up on Crittenden Road beyond Abbott place, beautifully successful. It burnt in Redgate fire, but had made this enlargement which was saved at the house. Right after the fire Mr. Spaulding, having seen the 36 x 42 at the art club previously asked if I still had it, and bought it. Mr. John T. Spaulding, 14 Beacon St., Boston,---but later I understand he gave it to his sister, Mrs. Henry P King of Beacon Street and Prides Crossing. Mrs. King died in 1938 -9"

Notebook comments of RSW:

"Enlargement copied from smaller canvas of same subject (burnt in Redgate) painted summer of 1919. Exhibited first, the same Fall at Boston Art Club--from where it went to Worcester Museum. Shown later at Springfield Art League show Springfield, Mass, Bought January 1923 by John L. Spaulding, 99 Beacon St. Boston for $600"

Additional Notes

The following is from an RSW letter:

Laurel and Wild Cherry Note
Gazette & Courier, Greenfield, May 8, 1920
Gazette & Courier, Greenfield, May 8, 1920

Gazette & Courier, Greenfield, May 8, 1920

".....and a large painting Laurel and Wild Cherry Tree at the spring exhibition of the Worcester Art Museum in this state."

Reference is often made in old newspaper clippings of this painting as Laurel and Cherry Tree.