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October 18 through November 2

Boston Art Club Galleries
Boston, MA

Number of Pieces: 2
1 - Oil
1 - Chalk


New England Artist


This appears to be the first year of this exhibit.

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Exhibition: Paintings by New England Artists, 1920
Sponser: Boston Art Club

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Additional Notes

A brief descrption of the origin and eventual demise of this event...

"The best description of this eventual conflict in the Club was written, again, by Nancy Jarzombek, '"In 1917 (Charles Hovey) Pepper became Director of the Exhibitions Committee, and he put his friends Charles Hopkinson and Harley Perkins on the committee. Together they proceeded to exhibit the work by traditional painters shoulder to shoulder with paintings by more modern artists. In the fall of 1918 Pepper initiated the New England Artists' Series, an annual exhibition of young, little-known but talented artists. Pepper's efforts were applauded by some of Boston's most important critics. The general public thought otherwise.... It couldn't last. In 1928 the Art Club fired the entire Exhibitions Committee. The embroglio involved even the Governor of Massachusetts, Alvan T. Fuller, who was a Member of the Art Club and who placed himself on the new Exhibition Committee."'

Source: Wikipedia- Boston Art Club

Boston Art Club Building
The original Boston Art Club building at 150 Prospect St. Boston, MA where the exhibit was held

Source: Wikipedia- Boston Art Club