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Time Period:
Spring 1931

Buckland, MA

Chalk Drawing


Roads & Streets

27 x 29




This chalk drawing has a sibling charcoal drawing.

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RSW's Diary Comments


Additional Notes

North Adams Transcript, June 7, 1932

There are two versions of this scene. One is this chalk drawing. The other is a charcoal drawing, a photograph of it (seen below) is in the Smithsonian Collection. Woodward seemingly expresses concerned for how the color of his chalk will "reproduce."

Handwritten comments by RSW on the back of the photograph:

"This is the most delicate of the four in execution and color and might not reproduce as well in color, although it has great charm of spring. Much of the cardboard shows thru; it is more sketchy than the others. Sky gray shot with pale yellow, mountain gray green and violet, road yellow, trees white and pale pink blossoms with yellow green foliage and roadside brush at right, yellow, pale green, orange and rose."

Handwritten Note on the back of the photo
Handwritten Note on the back of the photo

Below: is an image of a charcoal sketch of the above scene before RSW made the chalk drawing.
(Courtesy of the Robert Strong Woodward letters and papers. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.)

Photograph of the charcoal sketch
Photograph of the charcoal sketch

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An article clipping from the North Adams Transcript regarding RSW's exhibition at the Deerfield Academy. In May is not mentioned specifically but was one of the 10 'crayon drawing' noted (highlighted) at the end of the article.