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Time Period:
Painted around 1940.

The Heath pasture beech tree.

Oil on Canvas


Beech Tree, Pasture

27 X 30


Mr. And Mrs. Winfred Rhoades



Originally named: The Silver Sky. Name changed by Winfred Rhoades to All Eternity.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted around 1940. Name changed by Rhoades to All Eternity. A painting of the Heath beech tree on cloudy summer day 'upright' with a sky filled with silvery summer clouds 'but no blue' and no sunshine in the picture. Bought by Mr. And Mrs. Winfred Rhoades, 521 Hammond Street, Chestnut Hill, Mass."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"Sold to Mrs. Rhoades (along with Summer Peace) Sept. 7th, '45. Name of the above painting was changed by Mrs. Rhoades to All Eternity."

Additional Notes

A poem by Winfred Rhoades
The above poem was written by Winfred Rhoade
and printed in a booklet named Tributes

Woodward originally named this piece The Silver Sky but the buyer, Winfred Rhoades, later changed the name to All Eternity. When visiting the Heath pasture studio, he relates the following story as to how All Eternity got its name:

"He [Woodward] has the gift of seeing the commonplace as beautiful, and of helping other people also to see it after that manner. The titles he gives his pictures manifest the poetry that lives in his soul. The four that have been mentioned, for example are called: Fall Flame, Summer Peace, All Eternity and Woodland Mystery. It was on the hilltop where his cabin stood that the cloudland picture acquired its name finally. The purchaser made some remark about the glory it suggested, and the artist, raising his hand to heaven, spoke the words, "All Eternity." He revealed his soul."

To the right: is a poem titled "All Eternity" written by Mr. Rhoades.

Mr. and Mrs. Rhoades are known to have owed 4 paintings including:

Autumn Flame sold in 1942
Woodland Mystery sold in 1942
Summer Peace sold in 1945

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