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Time Period:
Painted 1935.

Old Stage Rd. facing south
to Jacksonville Stage Rd.,
West Halifax, Vermont

Oil on Canvas


Halifax House, Pastures

25 X 30

Mr. and Mrs. F. Earl Williams



RSW made numerous paintings and chalk drawings of the Halifax House.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Aged Roofs, Sepia
Aged Roofs, Sepia Print

"Painted 1935. Rear of Halifax house from top of mowing in back. Exhibited quite generally about the country. Acquired in the summer of 1945 by my dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. F. Earl Williams of Gardner, Mass."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"Late summer in New England. Foreground of uncut old grass, pale yellow and ochre. $450."

Additional Notes

F. Earl Williams
F. Earl Williams

The image (above) of this painting was discovered in a collection of KodaChome slides taken by Mr. F. Earl Williams himself and given to the Smithsonian Institute under his name as part of RSW's collection. There two other paintings found in the collection, Portrait of a Shadow. and the unnamed and unsigned Unnamed: The Awaiting Maple.

Williams was an amateur photographer, high school principal and very close RSW friend. Williams had taken a great number of pictures during their years as friends and Williams could possibly be the only one who could get away with taking pictures of RSW. We invite you to read more about Williams and visit the gallery page devoted to his photographs.

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