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Time Period:
Painted prior to 1920.

Redgate Studio

Oil on Canvas


Brooks, Ponds, Rivers

36 x 42




"... a theme I painted several times with slight variations and different compositions..." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

See Winter Pool for description.

Additional Notes

Gazette and Courier, Greenfield, May, 8, 1920

"Robert Strong Woodward, the Shelburne Falls artist, has just had the honor of having one of his large paintings, Evening Silence, accepted and hung at the 'International Exhibition of Paintings,' Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, held during May and June. The jury at Carnegie Institute was composed of men from abroad as well as the leading painters of America with pictures entered from Europe. It is the exhibition of the most select importance in the country."

"Winter Silence is an impressive painting..."

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Boston Globe Article

To the Right: Boston Globe, 1926 by A. J. Philpott

Boston Post, Thursday, Dec. 9, 1926

"Winter Silence indeed prevails in the extraordinary canvas by that name; the silence of a cold clear winter?s evening when beauty is so keen that it is almost melancholy?. here again we find a deep slowly flowing brook, upon whose snow ladened bank majestic trees grow in profusion."

Springfield Republican Nov. 13, 1927
8th Annual Members' Display of Springfield Art League Opens at Library:

"The place of honor in the main gallery is occupied by Robert Strong Woodward?s vigorous painting Winter Silence an excellent example of the crisp vivid work which is winning this artist increasing attention."

North Adams Transcript, March 1931

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Boston Globe Article

This painting was exhibited at the Miles Standish Gallery in Boston and was reviewed in an article published in the Transcript newspaper March 11, 1931

Springfield Union and Republican, Sunday, April 26, 1931

".....and recently a Boston paper gave half of a rotogravure page to the reproduction of his Winter Silence, calling it 'typical of the characterful works of Mr. Woodward.'"

The Breeze, June 5, 1931

"Winter Silence is characteristic: it shows a frozen pool in the heart of a dense woods. The darkness of the forest is contrasted with the feathery plumes of the snow-covered branches."

The following is a photograph of the woods in back of Redgate which was the source of the pianting Winter Silence.

A photograph of the woods behind Redgate.p

The top of a full page image in the Rotogravure section of the North Adams Transcript on December 28, 1930.

The top of the full page image in the Rotogravure Section of the North Adams Transcript Newspaper.