Featured Artwork:Winter Peace #2

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Additional Notes

An image of the christmas card sent by F. Earl Williams

This painitng is of the 'little' window, facing east, in the Southwick Studio. There are 3 other known east window paintings: Apple Tree Window, In The Spring and Snow in March

This painting was not discovered until 2012 in going through some of the RSW memorabilia. It was the illustration on the cover of a Christmas card sent by F. Earl Williams (to the right).

Please compare this painting with Apple Tree Window. It is exactly the same on the left side but on the right side RSW has painted in a candlestick instead of a geranium. Apple Tree Window is a 25x30 horizontal painting and this newly found Winter Peace is an upright, probably 25 x 30 oil painting.

The editors of the website believe this Winter Peace was most likely painted in the early 1940's and was exhibited at the Salmagundi Club in 1942, Grand Central Galleries in 1943, and the Miles Standish Hotel in 1944.