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Time Period:
Painted in 1947.

Heath Pasture on Burnt Hill
Heath, MA

Oil on Canvas


Beech Tree

25 x 30


Dr. and Mrs. James Smead



Burnt Hill, Heath pasture and Beech Trees were RSW's most prolific painting subjects.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Winter Pastures (oil), Sepia
Winter Pastures (oil), Sepia

"Painted in 1947. The Heath Beech Tree again, with ledges in the winter time. Its special distinction being a dramatic late afternoon sky of tumbled clouds, the sun between them making flashing, radiating rays of sunlit shafts."

Note in Woodward diary in someone else's handwriting:

"Sold to Dr. and Mrs. James Smead, Springfield and Buckland, Sept. 20, 1957"

Additional Notes

There three known pieces of which RSW used the same title name but are chalk drawing of a different subject matter. The other 2 are as follows:

Winter Pastures, Chalk #1

Winter Pastures, Chalk #2

The following is a poem written by RSW:


Gay Winter, with thy blue and snow-white grace,

Why will the poets ever pen thee drear,

Unkind and dull, thy keen eyes rough and blear,

Thy blythe smile but a withered, wrinkled face?

Why term thy glad and whistling tree-top race

A storm to dread, an enemy to fear?

Why never note thy jaunty boutonnière

Of scarlet berries sprigged on branches' lace?

Slow summer surfeits art with sickly green.

Discordant colors on her gown lie crowded,

While thou art simple in thy changing sheen

Of white, of green and violet, frost shrouded.

The loveliest season in the circled year!

O Winter, thou are charged with gallant cheer!

Robert Strong Woodward