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Time Period:
Painted 1949.

The "little window"
Buckland Southwick studio.

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture

25 x 30

Grand Central Art Galleries

Mr. Arthur H. Axberg



Majolica plate with horsechestnut leaf in the painting remains with RSW's estate.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted 1949. My little S.E. window, back of the easel, painted so many times. In this one the view outside of the orchard with tree and landscape pure white with the very essence of winter, seems to dominate the canvas. A 'white' light pours in the window and onto the shelf and the objects on it. To the left foreground, running out of the bottom of the picture, against the woodwork, an ivy plant in brown pot, back of it the lavender bottle and a candlestick, on the shelf by it, a small green majolica butter dish. To the right, my horse chestnut leaf majolica plate stands against the window, subtly silhouetted against the pure white snow, and standing against it and the dull red curtain, is the cockatoo majolica pitcher, a couple of small books lying flat to the right of its base. Lovely in color with its violets and greens and dark browns; full of white winter light. Sold in March, 1951, through Grand Central Art Galleries to Mr. Arthur H. Axberg, 3643 212th St. Bayside, Long Island, N. Y."

Additional Notes

Majolica plate with horsechestnut leaf
in the painting above.

The notes following are from a painting diary found in the RSW studio. They well illustrate the thought, planning and intense work involved in the making of a window painting in the Southwick studio.

The Painting Diary...

01 /13/ 1949

In the afternoon did make a complete charcoal composition on a 25 X 30 canvas, of the still life window by the easel, ready for painting a new window picture--majolica cockatoo picture in it--and the horse chestnut leaf plate---about the first majolica I have used in a painting.

01 /30/ 1949

I forced myself to begin painting today--verily to save my mind. Painted on the little window canvas with the ivy plant and the majolica cockatoo which I sketched in, in charcoal a week or so ago.

01 /31/ 1949

Painted all afternoon on yesterday's canvas.

02 /01/ 1949

Mostly fair today and cold. Sun bothered me but worked all day (poorly) on the little window canvas

02 /02/ 1949

A day like all the others lately. Worked again in the afternoon on the little window canvas.

02 /03/ 49

Painted at the north window.

02 /04/ 1949

Cloudy this morning with snow beginning by 7:30. Was planning to go to Greenfield today, but clouds and snow being what I wanted for my window picture, staid home and worked at my canvas from 11 to 5:30.

02 /05/ 1949

My work--painting on the window canvas, which goes so slowly--the same as the past two weeks. .

02 /07/ 1949

... so settled into painting on window canvas by 11 and worked at it all day.

02 /09/ 1949

Hoped for cloudy day, which I need to paint from now on, on my window picture, but bright all day, so settled on writing letters.

02 /10/ 1949

Sunny in the morning so could not paint on window canvas as planned.

02 /11/ 1949

Another bright, sunny, cold day. Did so want a cloudy day to go on with my window picture--did however paint on it all afternoon--tho not to good advantage..

02 /12/ 1949

To my working disappointment still another bright, winter day. Dared not paint on my window canvas.

02 /14/ 1949

Cloudy and threatening rain, so worked for the day on my window picture -- one more sitting will finish it. Toward the close of the afternoon as I was working intensely--that bore of bores dropt in for a visit...

02 /16/ 1949

Worked all day on the window. I believe finishing it.