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Time Period:
Prior to 1925

Behind Redgate

Oil on Canvas


Brooks, Ponds & Rivers






This previously unknown piece came up for auction recently on eBay (Dec. 2016). It is very similar to the known work Winter Mist.

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RSW's Diary Comments

The following are RSW's diary comments regarding Winter Mist:

"Painted circa 1920 or 21. An upright woodland winter interior on a gray day with mist weaving through the woods painted from the window of my first little studio 'Redgate' (the first one to burn) just following the time when I had received the First Hallgarten Prize at the N. A. D. in 1919 when I painted many woodland interiors of similar type. Bought in the early 1920's by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. \Vanderbilt of 527 West 121st Street, N. Y. C. according to them for their 3 young sons 'to grow up with'. Later they purchased a chalk drawing for each one of the sons as a wedding present when each one was married, a nice idea indeed!"

Additional Notes

This previously unknown painting came up for auction recently on eBay (Dec. 2016). It is very similar to the known work Winter Mist. As you can see from the side-by-side comparison below, the focal point of each painting is the same tree and pond but the pond is differently shaped. The small hemlock found to the right of the painings are the similar, however, the styles differ dramatically. Winter Mist is more atmospheric in its use of blue and is reminiscent of a Japanese style Woodward appreciated. This unnamed painting, though still setting an atmospheric mood, has a more naturalistic realism to it. The style preference of Woodward during this time period.

Unnamed: Winter's Mis
Unnamed: Winter's Mist
William's pic of North Window
Unnamed: Winter's Mist Signature
William's pic of North Window
Winter Mist Signature

Both paintings were also signed in the upper right hand corner. In the close-up images to the left the you can see the clear difference in coloring between the two paintings. Woodward also added a "22" to his Winter Mist signature. It is, as far as we know, only the second time he did such a thing. Winter Mist exhibited at the Salmagundi Club in 1923 and was purchased by William D. Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt also commissioned Woodward to draw 3 chalk drawings, one for each of their sons, as wedding gifts.

This painting sold for a price of $4,350 on eBay. Pictures of the back of the stretcher confirms that this piece did not have a name on its back. There was a label from Frost & Adams an art supply store in Boston's Cornhill neighborhood where the Government Center now stands.