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Hog Hollow Road
East Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Houses, Stone Walls


DA Hilson Gallery, 1970


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Additional Notes

Graphic of House
An illustration made from
the painting Winter Afternoon

In an early painting of the Nilman house where RSW's grandparents lived and visited every summer as a child before they moved to the Well's Farm joining RSW's aunt Tella and uncle Bert's large household. [NOTE: his grandparents were living on the Wells Pine Brook Farm when RSW arrived there at the end of his short stint at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School in 1910.]

This painting is unique to the other Nilman House paintings Woodward painted (see Related Links). It is of the front of the house, from either the (1) shed or the driveway pointing towards the accompanying (2) barn. It is the only example we have from this perspective. Woodward usually painted the home from the road looking up at its rear as seen in the illustrated picture of Winter Afternoon to the right.

Graphic of Farm
The cover of the American Studies
Group catalogue. To see the entire catalogue

Discovered recently in a group of slides the website has digitalized from what we believe is probably the 1970s. This painting is reminiscent of New England Drama with the farm seemingly hanging on the edge of a sloping hill with distant hills serving as a backdrop.

We believe, yet have been unable to confirm, that this painting hung at the 1970 Deerfield Academy Hilson Gallery retrospective of Woodward's work that culminated from the year-long project performed by the Deerfield Academy's American Studies Group's effort to catalogue his life, artwork, and career in a tribute to the local artist.

We will continue to search for the name of this painting. In the meantime, if you wish to know more about the project performed by the American Studies Group and view the catalogue in its entirety please CLICK HERE