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The little S.E. window
Buckland Southwick studio

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture

25 x 30

Springville Utah High School
Exhibition, 1951. Then given to
Gen Galleries (Provo, UT)
against RSW's wishes




"The view of the orchard outside exceptionally atmospheric and iridescent." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

"The little S.E. window again---books, pale yellow, and green ink bottle, two books and yellow apple to the left--geranium with pink bloom, and candle, and red curtain to the right. Fallen petal in center of the shelf. To the left and front of the bottles and books is a small open book at the edge of the shelf. The view of the orchard outside exceptionally atmospheric and iridescent. Sent to Springville Utah High School Exhibition, 1951--- given against my knowledge and wishes to.......Gen Galleries of Provo, Utah--who sold it to a private customer, over my statements to them that it was not to be sold."

Additional Notes

The following transcript is of a letter written by RSW to his good friend F. Earl Williams:

"Sunday Jan 7, '51
Dear Earl- The most important event of late. I forgot to report in my recent shorthand note to you-- namely, that in the first part of December (since you and Ruth were here), I've painted and completed a new window painting! I feel it a beauty--perhaps my best yet, with the November orchard outside (before snow) shimmering and intensely iridescent! I am going to try to hold it from selling 'till you and Ruth have seen it!
I had planned and hoped to write you a '"legitimate"' letter this evening-- but my bladder pain has tortuously come upon me and my fluttering eyes are very, very bad tonight.. so I can't sit at my desk, but must go to bed at once. My affection for you is strong within me, however.


More about the new window picture later."