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Time Period:
Made in 1929.

Burnt Hill
Heath, MA

Oil on Canvas


Beech Tree

25 X 30




Burnt Hill, Heath pasture and Beech Trees were RSW's most prolific painting subjects.

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Featured Artwork: The Sea of Hills, Chalk

The Sea of Hills, Chalk
The above image is of Heath Horizon. The editors of this site selected
this oil to best illustrate the "Sea of Hills" the pasture overlooked.

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Additional Notes

Picture of house today.

Springfield Republican, by Jeanette C. Matthews
This chalk was exhibited at the 1929 Pynchon Gallery Exhibition and was mentioned in the article to the right:

This piece is the earliest known work from the Heath Pasture. It coincides with the approximate time he discovered the deserted plot of land. Although we have no image of this chalk drawing we can guess that it was a similar vantage point featuring the hills in the background.

Burnt Hill and the Heath Pasture was one of Woodward's most favorite places in the world as evident of how frequently it was the subject of his work. Even before he purchased the 80 acres of pasture and hill and build a studio he called the 'Pasture House,' he would visit it for a number of years prior to paint or draw.

There are two other known works with the same name (both oils), The Sea Of Hills, 1932 and The Sea Of Hills, 1939.

Below: Are two other examples of chalk drawings from the Heath Pasture.