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Time Period:
Painted summer 1944.

Back side of the Halifax house
West Halifax, VT

Oil on Canvas


Halifax House

27 X 30


Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Hales



"One of my finest composed and freshest painted pictures of the loved Halifax house." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

“Painted summer 1944. A picture of the rear of the Halifax house with sunlit gray gable of little ell the center of focus, with giant elm arching over it. One of my finest composed and freshest painted pictures of the loved Halifax house. Worked on it the last Sunday I was out with Mark (August 1944) before he went into service, the Sunday I introduced ‘David Grayson’ to him and talked of the fuller appreciation of daily living and daily romance, a Sunday he and I, as Sorrel and Kit, both cherish. Bought August, 1947, by Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Hales of 183 Lawrence St., Gardner, Mass.”

Additional Notes

The Art Digest, May 1, 1945 by Margaret Breuning

Peace of Years depicts a little, white house leaning against a sagging barn of weathered textures. The trees spreading over them, shrubs and rank grasses growing insolently up to their doorways, seem to have taken root deeply in the earth and become part of the scene around them, all pretence of struggle against the forces of nature abandoned."

Below: A scanned excerpt from a letter where RSW made mention of this piece and saying, "I consider it one of the finest canvases I ever made, technically, in composition and in color."

Handwritten comment by RSW in a letter.