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Time Period:
Painted in 1943.

Rowe, MA

Oil on Canvas


Houses, People & Livestock

24 X 36

Guild of Boston Artist 1943
Grand Central Galleries 1945
Vose Galleries 1945 - '47
High Museum (Atlanta, GA) 1947

Dr. Amey Chappell

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Sold while on loan by the Vose Galleries to the High Museum, Atlanta, GA. S. Morton Vose was RSW's Boston agent and frequently sent his work about the country.

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RSW's Diary Comments

New England Essence, Sepia
New England Essence, Sepia

"Painted in 1943. A canvas made in the studio in the winter of 1943, from sketches in oil made a number of years ago. (Also made chalk drawing of this same subject, now owned by Charles Stoddard of Greenfield) of the quaint old house in Rowe, Mass (now demolished). Have made several paintings in the past of this rare old house. Sold by Vose Galleries in Atlanta, Georgia, April 1, 1947 to Dr. Amey Chappell of Atlanta, Georgia."


Woodward did not start his "Painting Diary" until the latter part of his career, approximately 1941. His memory is not always reliable. We do not have any records, other than his testimony, "Have made several paintings in the past of this rare old house." We know of only 2 chalk drawings, High in New England and Abandoned Heights and this oil. To complicate matters more. The name "High in New England" was used more than once, for two different subjects, each with a chalk drawing and a oil painting. We do not have any of the "oil sketches" or the other oil paintings in our catalog to date.

Additional Notes

Gallery label from the back of the painting.
Gallery label from the back of the painting.

Dr. Amey Chappell was a prominent physican, a recipient of the 1967 Elizabeth Blackwell Medal given by the American Medical Women's Association, and a significant philanthropist to the Greater Atlanta area. There are three known scholarships in her name; she served as a trustee for both Piedmont College and the Emory School of Medicine as well as President of the Greater Atlanta YWCA. She is also credited as saving a church from closure with a generous gift.

Vose Galleries on Boyleston Street, Boston, 1930s
Vose Galleries on Boyleston Street, Boston, 1930s

Dr. Chappell gave this painting to her cousin. It was then left to the cousin's son who auctioned it to a mid-western man for $3,151 in 2010.

Above and to the right: The Vose Galleries (est. 1841) on Boyleston Street in Boston began representing Woodward in January of 1936 according to RSW's records and would for the remainder of his career. They served him very well, particularly in collaboration with museums and galleries around the country, such as, the High Museum in Atlanta, GA and the Dallas (TX) Museum of Fine Arts.

Below, the house featured in this oil painting was also featured in two known chalk drawings, High in New England and Abandoned Heights Click on either of the titles below, and it will page you to their respective page for a better look.

Painting of the same scene, High in New England #1
The oil painting High in New England
Chalk Drawing of the same house, Abandoned Heights
The chalk drawing Abandoned Heights