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Time Period:
Painted in 1935.

The field east of Waite Hill
Road, Pawlett, Vermont

Oil on Canvas


Mountains, Landscapes & Views

25 x 30





Nothing of note for this piece of work.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Mount Haystack in Pawlet
Mount Haystack in Pawlet today (10/11/2020)

"Painted in 1935. Painted of Haystack while visiting the Grondahls."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"Brilliant blue sky, gray rocky dome with red splashes of foliage, orange, gray and yellow foreground. Late October."

From the Editors: "The Search for a Rock in Vermont"

There was no plan. We set out to just make a day trip to the Manchester, VT area. We stopped at the Robert Frost Museum in Shaftsbury, drove up Mount Equinox, lunched at Mulligans, visited the Manchester Country Club and tried to find the Southern Vermont Art Center. At the end of an already full day, we set out to find Haystack in Dorset. GPS said Dorset was just 5.9 miles away. Sixteen miles later way beyond Dorset, we come to a fork in the road, take a guess and after a few minutes we see it, Haystack! We take the first right we can and find ourselves as close to where Woodward painted this painting as we can get. We are closer than RSW was when he painted it. He was up higher and farther back meaning, the road (Waite Hill Road) seen in the lower righthand side of the painting is where we took our pictures.

Additional Notes

A scan of RSW's diary showing he crossed out original name "Vermont" and adding Pawlet

To the right: An picture taken of the back of the stretcher, in very faint pencil, you can make out the original name of this piece, "A Mountain in Veromont."

The name of this mountain in Pawlet, VT is "Haystack" which is referenced in RWS's diary.