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Exhibited at the Pynchon Gallery, Springfield, MA along with 14 other pastels. Up to this point Woodward's career the Pynchon Exhibit was the first of its kind to exclusively features Woodwatd's "chalk drawings."

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The following is an excerpt from, "An Artist of his Time", a lecture, hosted by the Friends of RSW, on RSW by Peter Trippi, editor-in-chief, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, which also did a feature article on RSW. CLICK HERE to view the Article

"...the pastel works - they're just fantastic. And I'm afraid that they photograph very well but you don't really appreciate the difficulty of making them until you see them up close. That as you know with pastel, you have to be very very good to make it work, because it hard to correct a mistake. With oil paint it's much easier to cover over the error. But these are really really spectacular."

October 4, 2014
Peter Trippi, editor-in-chief
Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

Featured Artwork: Mount Peru in Summer

RSW's Diary Comments

A closer look at the name and signature
A closer look at the name and signature

Woodward never kept an official ledger of his remarkable chalk drawings much to our chagrin. He never gave them equal footing to that of his oil paintings. For Woodward, it seemed as if he did them for the pure enjoyment of drawing, his first love.

However, as time has passed they are as equally admired and coveted by many for their extraordinary beauty and skill and in many cases have out-paced in value their sibling oils.

Additional Notes

This chalk drawing is privately owned.

It is believed this is the chalk drawing referred to as "Peru Mountain" in the article below.

The Pynchon Gallery Exhibition is one of the few exhibitions that featured Woodward's "Crayon Drawings." As many as 13 were reported to be exhibited and this website is not aware of any exhibit that featured more than this number. The Deerfield Academy, 1932 Exhibition featured 10 drawings.

Springfield Republican, 1929, by Jeanette C. Matthews