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Time Period:
Painted in 1935.

Halifax, VT
(near the Halifax house)

Oil on Canvas



25 X 30

Manchester, VT

Bennington Putnam
Memorial Hospital



This painting stills hangs in a conference room of what is now Southwestern Vermont Health Care (formaly Bennington Putnam Memorial Hospital).

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RSW's Diary Comments

The Little Sugar House, Sepia
The Little Sugar House, Sepia

"Painted in 1935. The old picturesque sugar house of the Halifax House, backed by tall yellow and orange maples, painted in their full fall color. When exhibited at Manchester, Vermont, bought by the Putnam Memorial Hospital of Bennington, Vermont, to be hung in the parlors of the nurses home of the hospital."

Comments on the back of a photograph of the painting:

"Brilliant golden foliage. This canvas is in California at present, one sent out among those for Gracie Allen to choose from but it could be gotten on ten day's notice. Very gay and loved canvas."

"Brilliant autumn foliage, mostly yellow, back of brown sugar house with its red sap tank."

Additional Notes

This painting now hangs in a conference room in which the Trustees meet at the Bennington Putnam Memorial Hospital in Bennington Vermont. (Southwestern Vermont Health Care) It remains in excellent condition.