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Shelburne, MA

Chalk Drawing


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22 x 29


Mrs. Ronald Miller



A note found in his 1949 personal diary shows RSW sold this chalk to Mrs. Ronald Miller. Mrs. Miller made monthly payments of $15.00 until paid the full price of $125.00.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Normally, Woodward did not keep records of his pastel paintings he called chalk drawings.

Editor's Note:

We love the knowledge that Woodward would make available the chance for someone to arrange a payment plan to purchase a chalk drawing. This is exactly the reason he stuck with them throughout his career... for the general public to have access to fine art. We do not know why he did not keep records of them. The assumption is that he did not consider them as important as his oils, however, that has been disproved. It is possibly more likely that he made so many and gave away a significant number of them as gifts for property owners that let him of their property to paint that he simply could not possibly compile all of the chalks he made or their names in the 1940s when he began to assemble his painting diary.

Below is a record the artist kept in a ledger of the payments made by the Millers.

Additional Notes

An "Account" found in RSW's personal diary from 1949:

"Mrs. Ronald Miller Account
On Oct. 21 - '49 they paid me $15.00 toward the $125.00 payment for the chalk drawing The Hills of Shelburne which they took home with them = the balance to be paid at the rate of $15.00 a month.
Oct 21st -- 1949 paid...      $15.00
Nov. 14         "       "           $15.00"