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Time Period:
Painted 1948.

Southwick studio

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture, Still Life

27 X 30

Shelburne Falls AC Window, 1948
Deerfield Valley AA, 1948
Gardner (MA) Women's Club, 1948

Mr. Frank G. Shields



One of the small windows to the left of the artist's desk. It is actually the first east facing window of Woodward's desk corner, next to the balcony door.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted 1948. A painting of and out the little studio window to the right of the glass door. Outside a prominent lot of icicles from the eaves, the winter mountain and Lilly's farm; inside, blossoming red geranium to the left (plus pewter match holder on the wall) lavender goblet and vivid green bottle with books to the right. The finest window shelf 'patina' and reflections I've ever done. Shown in the window of S.F. Art Center in June for 2 weeks, then sent to D.V.A.A. Exhibition in Deerfield in early July from where it was bought by Mr. Frank G. Shields, 97 Berkeley Rd., Upper Montclair, N. J. The first picture I ever sold from a D.V.A.A. Exhibition."

Editor's Note:

There was no record of this painting exhibiting in either the Shelburne Falls Art Center window or the Deerfield Valley Art Association (DVAA) in 1948, in the exhibition records. They have been added. It is also quite remarkable to think this is Woodward's first painting to sell at the DVAA exhibition when you consider that 1933 was the first year he participated with the group.

Additional Notes

Not to be mistaken for the little east window. This painting is of the first window of his desk corner facing east.

One can clearly see the southern portion of the railing to his rear balcony on the south side of the studio. Beside there are no apple trees are visible from the view. The little east window is blocked from this sort of view by the orchard of apple trees directly outside the little east window. From the little east window you get a view of the corner of the north balcony railing in the painting to the right - When Apples are Ripe

For a better perspective of what we are referring too. The painting to the left, By the Balcony Door shows the window in February Window next to the door out to the balcony. In it you can see the same railing to the balcony and its unobstructed view across the valley to the hills of the east. Both windows are east-facing windows, only one is at the north end of the studio and the other the south end.

Interesting enough and overlooked for some time, this "other" little east window technically appears in two balcony door paintings but when painting the desk corner itself, this window left out of all three paintings despite being part of the desk corner's three window sequence.