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Time Period:
Painted in 1944

Leyden, Mass.

Oil on Canvas


Roads & Streets

24 X 36

Grand Central Galleries (NYC),1945

Mr. Howard Petrie



Mr. Howard Petrie, was more than a noted radio man. See his profile below.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in 1944. Second painting I've made (from different spots) of steep, maple lined hill running down in West Leyden from Roberts farm to Green River. Shown at G.C.A.G. exhibition, N.Y. Apr. 24 - May 8, 1945, and sold early to Mr. Howard Petrie, noted radio man of the Pacific Coast."

Additional Notes

The ONLY color picture of Down to the Valley
The ONLY color picture of Down to the Valley.
Down to the Valley
The Road Today

Upper left: The owner of Down to the Valley contacted us and sent the color picture shown (above). It was a gift from a relative. The painting is currently located in California. We are awaiting a high resolution image.

Actor, Announcer, Howard Petrie

Upper right: A recent photo of the site of Down to the Valley: A bulldozer has pushed away all of the old stone walls on the right side, the road widened and paved with asphalt. Only a few of the old maples remain on the left side of the road. Most areas have grown up to brush. Telephone poles and wire added to bring the area into the new century.

To the left: Howard Petrie was not only a famed radio announcer but also has 44 movie and tv credits to his name. Born in Beverly, Massachusetts on November 22, 1906. As a young adult on a sales call as a securities salesman to a radio station his deep and full voice landed him a job at WBZ Radio in Boston in 1929. After not even a full year at WBZ he left Boston for New York City and joined the staff of NBC.

"Petrie soon became the head announcer for many of the network's shows. His first major network assignment was on Everything Goes, starring Garry Moore. He was the announcer for scores of shows including Abie's Irish Rose,[3] Big Sister, Camel Caravan, Blondie, The Ray Bolger Show, The Judy Canova Show, The Jimmy Durante Show, and The Garry Moore Show."

Petrie won the Batten, Barten and Durstine Award for Good Announcing and was the recipient of the H.P. Davis Memorial Announcers' Award for "personality, adaptability, diction, voice and versatility". He moved to California in 1943 to become the announcer for The Judy Canova Show. As a "personality announcer", he became a character in the show.

In retirement Petrie returned to New England living in Walpole, New Hamshire and died in Keene, NH on March 24, 1968. His final resting place is Worcester Rural Cemetery, Worcester County, Massachusetts.