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Time Period:
Painted in 1933

Route 8A in North Heath

Oil on Canvas


Roads & Streets

25 X 30


Dr. Edward P. Bagg



"I consider it my finest summer landscape."RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

“Painted in 1933. Back road between Sadawga Pond, Jacksonville and N. Heath Roads. I consider it my finest summer landscape. Sold from the studio (together with New England in November) to Dr. Edward P. Bagg, of 207 Elms Street, Holyoke, Mass. On Dec. 11, 1946, to be given to one of his married sons at Christmas whose address is……….”

Additional Notes

December Window Lamp
‘Cut-down’ of Down an August Road

A reproduction of this painting was printed in the October, 1946, issue of American Artist. The image there was exactly the same as the sepia print above. According to the diary comments it then sold in December of 1946 to a private individual who was to give it to one of his sons at Christmas.

Subsequently, somehow, the painting must have made its way back to RSW. We knew no details of what happened until recently a ‘cut-down’ of the painting was discovered. The present owner related that he was told that the original painting had been criticized for having two focal points, so the artist had divided it into two separate pictures, eliminating the house on the right. (Examination of the right edge of the stretched canvas revealed this to be true.) Unfortunately the removed and apparently discarded portion of the painting included the artist’s signature. The image (right) is that of the current condition of Down an August Road. It is unsigned. It was purchased during the settling of the RSW estate.