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Time Period:
Prior to 1928

Keach house, Charlemont
Road, Buckland, Mass

Oil on Canvas



25 X 30

J.H. Miller Galleries, 1928
Deerfield Academy, 1957




The Keach farm was a favorite subject of Woodward, having painted many paintings throughout the property between 1924 and 1934.

Featured Artwork: A Country Interior

RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted prior to 1930. Room at Keach's farm which I have painted so much."

Additional Notes

J.H. Miller Article April, 1928
A review of the 1928 J.H. Miller Exhibition

Right: Springfield Union, by Jeanette Matthews

"Of warmer things there are some interiors that are heartening. A Country Interior and A Country Sitting Room... I like either of these rooms quite as much as anything Henry Ford could recreate of the period of my great-great.'

Springfield Daily Republican, Springfield, Mass., Sat. April 28, 1928

"....in which a curlicued iron stove radiates comfort....."

This painting was painted during a period when Woodward was making a study of interiors. He painted as many as 3 interiors of the Keach residence, as well as his own studio interior and many sugarhouse interiors. It is believed he was seeking a replacement for the loss of his Redgate Studio from which he frequently painted the interior woods just behind the studio lost to fire in December 1922.

A Country Sitting Room
A Country Sitting Room.

Another vantage point of the room is found in it's sister A Country Sitting Room. In the lower left portion of A Country Interior you can see the plants and table found in A Country Sitting Room.

Another important note to make about this painting is that while it only exhibited once in Woodward's lifetime. It was a personal favorite of his. It remained in his personal collection and hung in his home until his death along with a number of other paintings he could not let go unless a museum or collection made an offer on it.