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Time Period:
Prior to 1922

Redgate studio

Oil on Canvas


Brooks, Ponds, Rivers

36 x 42

Babcock Galleries, NYC, 1923




This was one of the two paintings which were saved from the Redgate fire.

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RSW's Diary Comments

The following is a handwritten note by RSW regarding this piece:

The Austin Riggs Foundation in Stockbridge (MA), owns a 36 x 42 of a Buckand brook - painted down in Clock Hollow - one of my early canvases.

Handwritten note by RSW regarding this piece
Handwritten note by RSW regarding this painting

Additional Notes

Dr. Lawrence Kirby Lunt
Dr. Lawrence Kirby Lunt

This was one of the two paintings which were saved from the Redgate fire. Woodward was preparing for a large 'one-man show' at Macbeth Galleries in NYC when tragedy the struck. Nearly 50 paintings were destroyed just days before they were about to be shipped.

The Austin Riggs Foundation just so happens to be a pychiatric facility that Woodward's close friend Dr. Lawrence Lunt once worked and it is believed that he may be the link between Woodward and the Foundation.

Lunt first met Woodward while a student at Harvard through his connection to Woodward patron Mary "Minnie" Eliot of Boston. Eliot is credited with spearheading the fundraising campaign to bring Woodward from Los Angeles, CA, to Boston to attend the Museum of Fine School to study art.

Lunt is an important person in Woodward's life. It is believed that he couseled Woodward from time to time and was a huge supporter of his work. But also, in a testemonial about Woodward to be shared ten years after his death, Lunt shares his thoughts on the man and artist he called friend. Without Lunt we would not know how Woodward was critically injured in his parent's apartment in LA following a weekend camping trip. CLICK HERE to read the story of Woodward's tragic accident on Labor Day, 1906.

The Austin Riggs Foundation still exist in Stockbridge, MA.