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Time Period:
1930 - '31

Boston, MA

Chalk Drawing



22.5 X 29.5 (the size of chalks)

Smith College, 1931
The Gardner Home, 1931
MacBeth Gallery, 1932




Drawn when RSW spent a month in Boston to open Boston's Tercentenary Celebration Art Exhibition at Horticultural Hall.

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RSW's Diary Comments

There is no mention of this work in Woodward's diaries, in fact, he only mentions the same three paintings... an unamed chalk he did on location at the old oyster house in old Boston and the two oils he made from the chalk, the 36 x 42" In Old Boston and the 25 x 30 The Oyster House

Additional Notes

Old Oyster House postcard
Old Oyster House postcard

In May of 1930, RSW swapped homes with his cousin Florence Haeberle who was living in West Newton (MA) at the time with her husband and two children. Woodward was there to take part in the year long 300th anniversary of the founding of Boston, particularly the opening of the Art Exhibition at Horticultural Hall. He entered the painting New England Drama which won a Gold Medal honor from the jury.

According to his painting diaries, he only mention's making a chalk drawing of the old oyster house in old Boston and from that he made two oil paintings, the 36 x 42"In Old Boston and the 25 x 30 The Oyster House. However, we also know he spent some time in the harbor where he drew the chalk drawing On the Waterfront and we have two accounts of a drawing with a man fishing at the end of a pier but we do not have a name for this drawing.

This was a big event in Woodward's career for two reasons; one, he almost never traveled, no less stay for a period of time, due to the difficulty and his desire to stay out of the spotlight and have his work judged on it's merit rather than for any sympathy towards his condition and two, the accollades and press he received regarding New England Drama would land him his first "One Man Show" in New York City after a ten year delay due to his Redgate Studio fire where he lost all the paintings set for an exhibit at the MacBeth Galleries (NYC).

We have NO idea what the subject matter of this drawing could be. He did draw another 'old Boston' chalk but there is nothing modern in it. Whatever the case may be, this artwork would be a rarity in the Woodward catalogue.