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Time Period:
Upright painted 1943.

The old shop
Woodward Road, (Route 112)

Oil on Canvas

Still Life

Interior / Still Life

25 X 30

Grand Central Art Gallery, 1943-'44

Sold at show. Purchaser NA



"Rich in the quaint atmosphere of the dear place." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Upright 1943. The first picture I made in the old gray shop, done in the late winter of 1943. Rich in the quaint atmosphere of the dear place. Sold, March, 1944, to the Grand Central Art Galleries for their 1944 Founders" Show."

Additional Notes

A photograph of the book corner
A photograph of the book corner inside the
the old Boehmer Mill RSW called "the little shop."

The story of the "little shop" is a fasinating one. Woodward bought the property adjacent to the Hiram Woodward Place in 1931. It is believed it was bought to become a "gallery" Woodward can hang his work as a showroom. However, it was in poor condition and true to Woodward's love of preservation he had to fix it up before it could be satisfactory to his standard of quality. Unfortunately, the Hiram Place was struck by lightning on July 3, 1934, burning the place essentially to the ground spoiling Woodward's intentions.

Later when Dr. Mark entered RSW's life and became a trusted employee (landscaping, errands and driver) and a son-like presence in his life. Woodward then slated the little shop to become Dr. Mark's music shop. This is of course, before Dr. Mark changed his plans to become a musician to being a doctor.

Woodward then began calling the old mill his "folly." Only Woodward meant this in the English tradition - a building constructed primarily for decoration or without any specific use or purpose. Woodward loved the poetic and this description met that standard as well as when he bought it he couldn't quite afford the indulgence.

Yet he never sold it. He kept it and maintained it for the remainder of his life. It is believed one of the reasons he kept it was its proximity to the swimming hole made from the Clark Brook stream which the old mill also used as an ingress to run the mill's tools. Woodward had created a picnic area along side the swimming hole going back as far as before he owned the Hiram Place. When he just lived in the Burnham Cottage sometime between 1913 and 1916.

The "Little Shop Studio" as it looks today.

For a time it was considered another "studio" but that has been disproved. There is no evidence it was ever used as a studio. This is the ONLY known painting painted inside the building. We know it was used at least once to house guest visiting the area and it eventually fulfilled its intention when Woodward left the property to his beloved cousin Florence Haeberle who used it to house her small antique business from the 1960's to 1984 when she retired.

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