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Time Period:
Repainted in 1941.

Buckland, Mass.

Oil on Canvas


Sugaring, Buildings

27 X 30

Williston Academy, 1941
Northfield Seminary, 1941
Grand Central Galleries (NYC), '42,
1943, and 1946
Vose Galleries (Boston), 1942
Boston Art Club, 1944
Gardner (MA) Women's Club '48




Made from an early 1920s canvas RSW always liked but had darkened over the years as a result of the preservatives he used in that period of his career. The original was then destroyed (most likely burned).

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Repainted in 1941. Made from a very early canvas of Maynard's sugar house, Buckland, in the first years of my career. It darkened with varnish some, but I always liked the subject matter so much I made this new canvas from it in the studio in 1941 and destroyed the old canvas. White & Wyckoff Mfg. Co. of Holyoke reproduced this as a Christmas card for 1946 in color. Also, they made plates for larger colored reproductions of it for the 1946 Annual Exhibition of the Grand Central Art Galleries."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"This reproduction is somewhat disappointing,---because the color of this painting is one of its chief charms. Sugar-house in deep violet, blue shadow, against pale April-blue sky and rose-colored woodland. Old red sap buckets hang on sunlit maples. Wood-pile, road and foreground are opalescent, with flesh-color, violet and yellow predominant. White snow-drifts here and there. Possibly suggestive to you of sugar-time in Ohio! The steam from the boiling sap permeates the entire atmosphere!"

Additional Notes

We find it interesting that in his sepia print comments, RSW remarks, "Possibly suggestive to you of sugar-time in Ohio!" Though he has always been catagorically seen as strictly a regional "New England" landscapist, we do not believe he was always satisfied with such restriction. It could be argued that he painted things so intimately and up close, that it could could be Anywhere, U.S.A.

Though we have known its location for some time, this is the first time we have an original picture of this painting!

We previously used the nicest image we had which can be seen below on the cover of "Know" magazine.

This painting is currently located in Virginia.

Know Magazine
April Sugaring on the cover of
Know Information Magazine, April 1949
Eleanor Clark was the post-mistress in the
little town of Buckland, Massachusetts.