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Time Period:
Painted in 1935.

Martin Road
Buckland Center, Mass.

Oil on Canvas



25 X 30

"Macbeths, Vose, Westfield,
Easthampton, etc."

Public Library of Franklin
Franklin, New Hampshire



Hangs in the Franklin Public Library to this day.

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RSW's Diary Comments

After Early Frost Close up
After Early Frost Close up

"Painted in 1935. George Bailey's house (since burned) across the valley from my Buckland home on Old Putts Hill Road. Shown at Macbeths, Vose, Westfield, Easthampton, etc. Sold October 10, 1942, by Vose Galleries to Public Library at Franklin, New Hampshire."

Comment on the back of a sepia print:

Subtle and brilliant in autumn colors. Sold Oct.10, 1942, to Public Library of Franklin, New Hampshire. Franklin Library located at 310 Central Street, Franklin, NH.

From a painting diary:

"Drove myself in the buggy up by the Lily farm to paint the Baily house."

Additional Notes

Franklin Library, Franklin, NH
Franklin Library, Franklin, NH

This painting can still be found at the Franklin Public Library in Franklin, New Hampshire. It is not often you find a public library of this size sparing the expense of buying artwork but they did. In 1943, Vose Galleries of Boston sold this painting and Just After Haying Time to the library. Actually there are a number of wonderful paintings found at the library including, one of Andrew Carnegie and another of Benjamin Franklin. It is worth the stop if you ever find yourself in the area.

RSW's signature, lower right
RSW's signature found in lower right