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The author, Mark Purinton, and Robert Strong Woodward
Robert Strong Woodward was proudest to be a member of the Southern Vermont Artists' Association (SVAA). He traveled numerous times to Manchester, Vermont, during the spring and early summer each year, to make chalk drawings and oil paintings. These would be on display at the SVAA exhibition each summer.

 A small sculpture and a drawing by Kyra Markham
A small sculpture and a drawing by Kyra Markham
A few days before the exhibition opened we would load them all into the back seat of the Packard Phaeton and head toward Vermont, stopping only in West Halifax to pick up a contribution from artist/sculptor Kyra Markham. Each year she also sent up some of her paintings, lithographs and sculptures.

I can remember carefully carrying all of these into the exhibition hall and hanging them in their designated areas. On more than one occasion, someone watching us unload from the street would purchase a Woodward painting as it was being carried up the sidewalk, before it ever got hung. After lunch at the Equinox House, we traveled back to Buckland, arriving before dark.