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Deerfield Illustrated Catalogue, Page 2, May 1970
I am pleased that the boys have chosen Robert Strong Woodward as the subject of the research this year because his painting represents what we believe is enduring in the New England landscape. The exhibition is particularly interesting because it shows the development of an artist from his boyhood to the later years when he was a recognized master in his field. The boys have written a catalog which shows that progress clearly.

As I learned of the help persons in the area have given the American studies group, I am pleased that the school can offer the Hilson Gallery for the work of an artist who was also a friend of the school. It is because of the generosity and interest of many people that Deerfield Academy is such a rewarding place to live and work, and I would like to add my thanks to those of you have been so helpful to this particular group of boys.

Fortunately, the student body has an awareness of the opportunities offered by the location of the school in this historic and beautiful New England town. I am delighted with the enthusiasm that the boys have shown in studying the work of a man who spent his life in the appreciation and per trail of the countryside.

May 1970 • Deerfield, Massachusetts

Headmaster, Deerfield Academy

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