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Deerfield Illustrated Catalogue, Cover Page, May 1970

The following illustrated catalogue is the result of a year long project performed by the Deerfield Academy's American Studies Group in the 1969-1970 school year. It would accompany an exhibition of Woodward's work held at the academy's Hilson Gallery in April thru May of the same year. The group formed in 1963 to "take a greater advantage of the location (of the school) in order to carry the study of American culture beyond the classroom." The group compiled, collected, sorted and organized an impressive amount of material which was used as a primary source in the constructing of this website. Most impressive was the exhibition list and it's cross reference to a comprehensive list of paintings. Over time and continued research and development of the website has exposed errors and omissions by the students but it does not take away from the momumental task these students took on... we here at the website are forever indebted to their remarkable accomplishment!


1885 - 1957

[IMAGE]: Four Maple Trees in March

Hilson Gallery • Deerfield Academy • Deerfield, Massachusetts

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