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Time Period:
Painted in 1942.

Mr. Arkell's Window
in Manchester, VT

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture
Landscapes & Views

30 X 40


"Owned of course by
Mr. Bartlett Arkell" RSW



RSW "...didn't enjoy at all..." painting this from Mr. Arkell's, "gorgeous drawing rooms..."

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in 1942. A 'Window Picture' showing the view outside of Mr. Arkell's magnificent estate in Manchester, Vt. (in fall foliage), lake with swans on it. Large elm in lawn center, Equinox Golf Club grounds over the trees, American flag(!) all backed by dramatic Vermont mountain. The view is shown through a setting of the room window itself, window frame of large window, with window sill part of the interior of the two flanking small windows with small window panes etc. This painting was a direct commission through the Macbeth Galleries ( who took 1/3 of the commission). After several preliminary sketching trips from home to Manchester over the project, Mr. Arkell had me come up to Manchester to stay a few days at the '1811 House' while I finished the picture. (Lena and Jim Valiton with me). A most difficult and trying and exhausting performance to get this picture painted, from inside the Arkell gorgeous drawing rooms, which I didn't enjoy at all. Owned of course by Mr. Bartlett Arkell of New York and Manchester, Vt. and now that Mr. Arkell is dead (1946) by his widow."

Additional Notes

Mr. Arkell's Picture Window
Just the view from the window

Bartlett Arkell was an industrialist and founder of the Canajoharie (NY) Art Museum. Woodward and Arkell got to know each other through the Southern Vermont Artist Association and over time became close friends. Arkell would, through his relationship with RSW, buy as many as 9 paintings. It would seem that Arkell had hoped RSW could capture the magic of his Window Paintings painted from his studios, unfortunately, what made those paintings special was RSW's connection to them. In the end he could not capture Arkell's affection for the view with the same magic. Woodward himself did not enjoy the experience.

This painting has an interesting provenance: the original owner gave this painting to a family member who did not particularly like it and presented it as a gift to the next owner of the Arkell home in Manchester. They also did not especially like it and either gave it or sold it to Calwell Galleries who thereafter sold it to the Arkell Foundation and it hangs now in their home building near the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie, NY.

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