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Mrs. Henry Everett

Josephine Everett was a collector of paintings and fine works of art

During the early years of Robert Strong Woodward's painting, his work became much appreciated by Mrs. Josephine Everett who lived both in Cleveland, Ohio, and Pasadena, California. She collected a number of Woodwards which were later enumerated in her will.

A letter to RSW after her death from the law firm, Hauxhurst, Inglis & Sharp, in Cleveland (28 December 1938) is quoted herewith:

Dear Mr. Woodward:

We have made a check of the inventory of Mrs. Everett's estate and find that the paintings listed below were included therein. In accordance with your request we have listed the sizes where they were available and the institutions to which the paintings were distributed. Under the terms of Mrs. Everett's will the Cleveland Museum of Art had the first choice of her paintings and art objects, Pasadena Art Institute of Pasadena, California, the second choice, and Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, California, the third choice.

Pasadena Art Institute:
      My Winter Shelf - 30x36 - oil
      Gray Barn in Sunlight - 30x27 - oil
      October - 40x50 - oil
      Evening Silence - 50x40 - oil
      Farmland Ledge - oil
      Slanting Silo - 19x28 - chalk

Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, California:
      Gathering Sap - 25x30 - oil

Not Chosen:
      Grey Boards - 18x22 - chalk
      Proud Rooster - 19x22 - chalk

You will note that all but two of your paintings have been distributed under the terms of Mrs. Everett's will to the art galleries above named. We are planning to have a sale of the remaining art objects at Mrs. Everett's Pasadena residence on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Jan 11, 12, 13 and 14. These sales begin at 10:30 and will last until 7:30 of the days mentioned. If you are interested in the two pictures which are set for sale, it is my suggestion that you address a letter to Mr. Gurney E. Newlin, who represents Mr. Fred F. Wilkison, the Executor of Mrs. Everett's will in the probate proceedings pending in Los Angeles County, California, at 1020 Edison Building, Los Angles, California.

If there is any further information which I may give you, please call upon me.

Very truly yours

H.A. Hauxhurst

After a recent inquiry as to the status of the paintings, the following reply was received from the Norton Simon Museum, formerly the Pasadena Museum of Art: