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Time Period:
Painted in winter of 1941.

Town Farm Hill
Buckland Center, MA

Oil on Canvas


Roads & Streets

25 x 30

Myles Standish Hotel, Boston




"A very poor ‘hard" photograph of a very atmospheric delicate spring landscape." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

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"Painted in winter of 1941. Made in the studio from one of my very early paintings (loaned to Julia Wells Rea) so there's an old one and a new one. Painted from halfway up Town Farm Hill, a muddy road, edged with flowing thaw water, all dipping down steeply through large spring maples."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"A very poor 'hard' photograph of a very atmospheric delicate spring landscape. Rose, gray violet, white, with thaw, water at roadsides reflecting blue. (Now hanging at Myles Standish Hotel in Boston but quickly obtainable.)"

Additional Notes

This 24 x 36 oil painting was made by RSW at the top of Town Farm Hill (now the beginning of Charlemont Road) in Buckland Center, looking down the hill toward the Mary Lyon church. He had previously made a 25 x 30 painting from the same spot which he had given away to another close friend. This is mentioned in his diary. In those days this road was unpaved and would get very rutted during "frost season" in the spring. The distant crease in the mountain beyond, just under the left branches of the old maple tree, was caused by the Hog Hollow Road headed over to East Buckland and on to the Mary Lyon birthplace. This mountain is the shoulder of Putt's Hill, a famous Buckland landmark.