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Time Period:
Painted 1948

"Little Window" of studio
Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture

25 X 30

Sold from studio.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kenney



This piece is one of 15 paintings of the "Little Window" facing east out of the Buckland Studio.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in 1948. The little blue S. E. window back of the studio easel with trees and mountain side, outside, in fall coloring and autumnal colors brought into the room on the wide window shelf. To the left in dark brown pot, decorative geranium plant, with 2 deep pink blooms and a bud. The geranium leaves having the rusty red wide circles in them. Back of the pot a tin candle stick with short candle. To the right, against the red curtain, a sea-green bottle, 2 yellow-green apples, a couple of old brown leather books, with slanting against them a small little cherry red book, and at the far right, at the base of the brown books, the red brown china cat. All the foliage green, yellow-green. The whole canvas of beautiful, rich October tone. Sold from the studio to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kenney of Groton, Mass., July, 1949."

Additional Notes

The little blue S. E. window back of the studio.
The seramic cat in the painting.

Now privately owned.