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Time Period:
Painted in winter of 1940.

Purinton Hill from artist's
Hiram Woodward Studio

Oil on Canvas


Mountains, Landscapes & Views
Barns, Buildings

25 X 30


Given as payment to Mr & Mrs.
Roswell Chester Tripp to close
the deal for the Burnt Hill land



"...copied exactly from my larger painting When the Sun Rides Low" RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in winter of 1940, copied exactly from my larger painting When the Sun Rides Low,(my barn and garage from old studio glass door) for Mr. and Mrs. Roswell Chester Tripp of Rye, NY. as the second of two paintings in payment for the Heath pasture (160 acres) completing my indebtedness to them and making the pasture wholly mine."

Additional Notes

Hiram Woodward Barn
Hiram Woodward Barn

To the right is a picture of Woodward's barn and small shed but not from his studio door. The photo appears to have been taken from near or aside the main house.

Unfortunately, the picture does not show the weathervane of the Trumpeting Angel. It does show the tree, now in bloom, suggesting the photo was taken in the spring.

A Trumpeting Angel is featured in another painting aptly titled, The Trumpeting Angel, however, it is not the same scene. It is a different building. Still we can't help wondering if Woodward so loved the quaint weathervane if he did not make a deal to purchase it from the owner of the shed in that painting.

Below is a topographic capture of a map confirming that Woodward's western view was that of Purinton Hill. His studio was on the western side of the property. For a layout of the Hiram Property CLICK HERE PDF will open in a new tap

Topographic Map
Topographic Map of the vantage point Woodward had sitting from the glass door of
his Hiram studio looking west. Purinton Hill is a straight shot.