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Time Period:
Painted 1944.

Heath pasture house on Burnt Hill

Oil on Canvas


Beech Tree, Pastures

24 X 36

Grand Central Galleries, 1945
Williston Academy, 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Perry



The Beech tree on Burnt Hill in Heath was RSW's most frequent subject to paint.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"1944. Made during the summer of 1944 from window of Pasture House in Heath. Beech tree, ledges, band of blue hills, with masses of pure cumulus clouds. The best summer expression of the Heath view I have yet made. Shown in GCAG, N.Y. exhibition Apr. 24 -- May 5, 1945. Bought in July 1946 by Mr. and Mrs. Luther Perry of Shelburne Falls and St. Petersburg, Fla."

Additional Notes

A closer look at the ominous sky. You can almost feel the tension of an impending storm.
High in New England Close Up
A similar "summer beech" from
Unnamed: New England Horizon

We believe one of the reasons the beech tree comes out so dark in the several black and white pictures we have of this painting is because it was painted in the summer when the leaves of the tree are mostly the same color and tone. However, we do have another summer beech painting to show you what the tree may look like in this painting.