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Time Period:
Spring of 1946.

Southwick Studio

Oil on Canvas

Still life

Window Picture

25 x 30

Northhampton, (MA) MFA 1962

Dr. L. H. Doolittle



Painting within the painting is "October Brilliance."

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Spring of 1946. A section of the studio at my north window shelf. The canvas shows corner with a framed picture in it, the little S.E. easel window to the right beyond which is my empty easel, the paint cart with an exceptionally realistic "portrait" of my empty palette on it. A dark picture, mostly in browns, because of the woodwork etc.. Sold from the studio in Sept. 1947 to Dr. L. H. Doolittle of 1100 River Road, Agawam, Mass. to be hung in the reception room of his doctor's office at 83 State Street, Springfield 3, Mass."

Additional Notes

The cobbler's Bench RSW used as a work bench
The cobbler's bench RSW used a paint cart in
the studio to this day. It reportedly dates back to 1781.

A close-up view of the original "cobbler's bench" in July 2006 that Mr. Woodward used as a paint cart and as depicted in the painting to the right. Below are the brushes and paints as they were left when RSW died in 1957