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1926 - Boston Evening Transcript, 8th December

Clipping Summary

A review of the Boston Art Week Show Opens At Gallery Of Jordan Marsh with a mention of Woodward's October Gold. The exhibition was the result of a collaboration of multiple organziations, such as, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Boston Art Club and the Guild of Boston Artist, among others...

Excerpt from article:

"October Gold by Robert Strong Woodward, showing an oak tree by the roadside in the hills, in Autumn, is one of the most vital pictures in the exhibition --- a vigorous presentation." (Jordan Marsh Exhibition March, 1930)

This piece was purchased by famous art collector Josephine Everett and upon her passing willed it to the San Diego Fine Arts Museum. From there is made it's way to Caltech in 1980 and later purchased by famous stage actor Joseph Holland, who in the role of Caesar,reportedly was stabbed on stage by Orson Welles (Brutus) in the 1937 Mercury Theater's production of William Shakespeare's production of Julius Ceasar.

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