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New York Times Magazine, National Academy of Design

Article Summary

A summary of prize winners from the National Academy of Design's annual exhibition, 1919, with a mention of RSW's receipt of the Hallgarten Prize.

Artwork Mentioned

Between Setting Sun
and Rising Moon

Excerpt from the article:

"The first Hallgarten Prize is won by Robert Strong Woodward's Between Setting Sun and Rising Moon, a landscape that hardly will escape comparison with those of Blakelock and that carries on the Blakelock tradition of foliage silhouetted against a sky rich in color. It bears plentiful evidence, however, of original observation in the treatment of the foreground and the drawing of the foliage and lighter branches, and especially in the feeling of depth..."

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Woodward was the first recipient on the Hallgarten Prize, given to the finest painting produced by an artist under the age of 35 years old.

This was Woodward's first participation in the Nation Academy's event.

Ralph Albert Blakelock, 1847 -1919, a 19th-century American artist, is known for his moonlight landscapes and quiet paintings of American Indian encampments.

Ralph Albert Blakelock
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